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Custom systems

Monitoring solutions can be developed, configured, engineered, built, installed, maintained and operated to any degree of client involvement


Often monitoring applications are unique and require a degree of customisation.  Considerations include the monitoring parameters, power requirements, location, climate, data communications, conformance to a Standard (e.g. Australian Standard), and reporting needs.   Compliance Monitoring has installed systems nationally and internationally, onshore and offshore, remote or urban.

Rather than one size fits all, we regularly design and build customised systems for a large variety of applications.

Cameras and web live feeds

Outdoor camera systems are useful for visually capturing air quality and other monitoring applications.  High resolution cameras can be solar, or mains powered and with wireless 4G or similar connection. They can also display directly to a website.  Time lapse videos as well as still images are available.

We host data visualisation systems with highly sophisticated and secure data systems.