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Water Quality Monitoring

Water quality monitoring, testing and analysis services.

Water is one of the most precious commodities on earth, but we live in an age where pollution is rife, both in the air and in our water systems. Our job at Compliance Monitoring is to assure the public and the authorities that the water we drink is fit for consumption, irrigation and other needs. Ensuring the quality of our water is a critical task, and one that needs to be undertaken by qualified professionals. Contact your local water monitoring specialists.

Vast experience in water quality analysis

Compliance Monitoring enjoys a collective experience amongst our staff of close to 200 years, which means that when it comes to water testing, we are one of the most experienced companies in the country.
We offer varied and innovative solutions to monitoring requirements, whether for investigation, regulatory compliance or in-line with a commitment to best-practice principles.

Our services are varied, ranging from the development of monitoring programs and project management to evaluating the performance of environmental monitoring, auditing third party/in-house monitoring and data validation services.

Water Quality Management

In addition to our water testing and monitoring services we also educate the public, local and national government, and the private sector on the importance of maintaining high-quality water. We also help clients recognise that man-made actions and natural events can have a significant impact on our water quality. Once we have identified a problem we then provide practical solutions to remedy it.

Groundwater Monitoring

Australia has a huge mineral and mining industry, and groundwater plays a critical role in this industry. We provide an important groundwater monitoring service to these clients ensuring that both the quality and quantity of the available groundwater is suitable for their requirements.

What we offer

Examine the existing environment.
Monitor the water supply and quality.
Water quality analysis
Produce reports and discuss the results with clients.
Make suggestions and recommendations for improvement.

We use the latest equipment to sample water, often retrieving groundwater from extreme depths. We offer a high level of field quality assurance and quality control from all our fully certified testers, and we use only NATA accredited analytical laboratories to conduct our monitoring and water analysis.

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