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Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Compliance Monitoring is NATA accredited for ambient air, water and stack emissions sampling.

Compliance Monitoring also operates a NATA accredited laboratory which performs specific testing in support of the extensive and high profile contracted monitoring projects.

The following calibration equipment is owned and maintained by Compliance Monitoring to ensure compliance with relevant Australian Standards for calibration procedures:

  • USEPA Protocol 1 calibration gases

  • HVAS orifice plates

  • Various wind speed calibrators

  • Various wind direction calibrators

  • Water flow calibrators, various ranges

  • NIST traceable NATA certified calibration masses

  • NIST traceable NATA certified thermometers

  • Multiple primary standard air flow meters

  • Multiple second standard air flow meters

  • Multiple secondary standard water flow meters

  • Digital manometer/barometers

  • Solar radiation sensors

  • Mass flow meters/controllers

  • Digital multimeters

Compliance Monitoring employs the latest data capture and communication techniques to maximise valid data capture. Techniques include long range radio telemetry, Next G, GSM, satellite, TCP/IP, RS-232, ADSL, microwave and HF. Detailed electronic calibration and verification records are maintained to provide full audit trail of monitoring.

In many instances guideline method verification levels are exceeded to ensure service delivery arguably unequalled in the industry.

In addition to NATA chemical testing accreditation, others certifications held include:



Monitor Labs

Factory certified service technician

(USEPA equivalency designated analysers)


Factory certified service technician

(USEPA/TUV equiv. & approved analysers)

Rupprecht & Patashnick

Factory certified service technician for

full equipment range.