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Monitoring Equipment

Fully maintained equipment available for deployment on air monitoring projects includes but is not limited to:

  • Mobile ambient monitoring stations
  • Self powered trailer mounted monitoring stations

  • Relocatable enclosures

  • TEOM (TSP, PM10, PM2.5)

  • ACCU sampling systems

  • EBAMs

  • BAMs

  • Partisols

  • Light Scatter Particulate Monitors

  • High Volume Air Samplers

  • Low Volume Air Samplers

  • USEPA equivalency designated gas analysers (SO2, H2S, CO, O3, NO, NO2, NOx)

  • Mercury monitoring

  • GHG monitoring

  • Stationary source emissions testing

  • Continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS)

  • High quality meteorological sensors (towers, WS, WD, RH, AT/DT, SR, NR, BP, rainfall, evap, etc)

  • Automatic air quality calibration systems

  • Portable water instrumentation (turbidity, pressure(depth), flow, pH, temp, EC, DO, etc)

  • Water quality calibration instrumentation

  • Deployable water monitoring instrumentation (automated samplers, turbidity, pressure(depth), flow, pH, temp, EC, DO, etc)

  • Occupational monitoring and sampling equipment and primary/secondary calibration equipment (for Worksafe Australia/NOHSC, OSHA, NIOSH, AS compliant sampling)

  • Personal gas detectors

  • PID (ppb)

  • Data communications systems (radio, GSM/NextG, satellite)

  • Various logging equipment/systems

  • Various automated reporting equipment/systems

  • Various remote power generation systems