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Air Quality Monitoring

Air quality monitoring and testing consultants.

Compliance Monitoring provides reliable and professional independent environmental monitoring services to industry and government. This includes the crucial job of air monitoring, ensuring that companies and government organisations adhere to all air quality regulations. With more than 13 years’ experience in the industry we are qualified and experienced to perform critical monitoring services. We do what we can to ensure that our air is fit to breathe. Contact us for information on our services.

All companies have to adhere to government enforced air quality standards. As experts in the field, with all the necessary equipment and expertise, we are able to provide this professional service, meaning you get consistently reliable results.

Air Quality Monitoring

The projects we work on include setting up air quality monitoring stations, developing monitoring programs, providing project management services and setting up environmental monitoring equipment when needed.

We also act as air quality consultants when needed, meaning we will conduct air quality testing and then discuss with you the numerous ways to reduce your pollution levels and improve the quality of the air around your work place. This will benefit you, your employees, the surrounding areas and of course the environment in general.

Reasons to use Compliance Monitoring for your air quality analysis:

NATA accredited in-house laboratory analysis of dust.

NATA accredited air quality monitoring including installation & servicing of air quality equipment.

We supply, install, service and monitor air quality equipment.

Established air quality monitoring equipment suppliers.

We install weather stations.

We provide analysis of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxide by UV fluorescence monitors.

Additional air monitoring services

We can calculate the volume measurement of:

Inhalable dust

Respirable dust

Asbestos fibres

Metals and metal compounds

We work with a range of commercial enterprises and industrial sector clients. These include construction companies and mining companies where we do baseline studies before the mines are up and running, we then perform regular emissions monitoring while the mine is running.

Australia works hard to control the quality of the air that we breathe. At Compliance Monitoring, we like to think that we play our part as well. Contact us for any air quality testing or monitoring.